Leather Jacket by Joyce Manor 

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Needed a pick me up today, so I reminded myself that @ladygaga follows me on Twitter. Thanks Mother Monster.

The more selfies you take, the less likeable you are.

don’t make me feel special unless you really mean it. please. hate that fake shit.

“It’s like this … All your life you’re yellow. Then one day you brush up against something blue, the barest touch, and voila, the rest of your life you’re green.”
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“the reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. also, a lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed.”
— Terri Conley, professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan (link)

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this breaks my heart every time


this breaks my heart every time

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